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550th anniversary of the opening of Universitas Istropolitana

Banknotes and coins, 550th anniversary of the opening of Universitas Istropolitana

Designer: Mária Poldaufová
Issuing volume: 1 million coins
(of which 1,500 coins in proof-like quality are to be issued solely for presentation purposes of Národná banka Slovenska)
Issuing date: 4 January 2017

  • Description of the coin

    The national side of the coin depicts the figure of a teacher and two students positioned before the facade of the building of the former Universitas Istropolitana in Bratislava. In the upper left of the design is a medallion of King Matthias Corvinus, the founder of the university. Above the medallion is the inscription ‘1467’, the year in which the university was opened. The country of issuance ‘SLOVENSKO’ appears at the base of the inner circle, above the year of issuance ‘2017’. Along the left edge of the inner circle is the inscription ‘UNIVERZITA’, and along the right edge ‘ISTROPOLITANA’. In the lower left of the design is the mint mark of the Kremnica Mint (Mincovňa Kremnica), consisting of the initials ‘MK’ placed between two dies. Below the mint mark are the stylised letters ‘MP’, the initials of the designer, Mária Poldaufová. The coin’s outer ring bears the twelve stars of the European Union.