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Public Survey on the Art Designs for the Slovak Sides of Euro Coins

On 11 November 2005, the Národná banka Slovenska organised a press conference in which NBS Governor Ivan Šramko announced a public survey on the art designs for the Slovak sides of euro coins. The art designs were introduced at the conference and the citizens were able to submit their opinions from 12 to 20 November 2005. Voting was possible via the Internet, Text Message Service, or by making a call from a fixed line.

The total of citizens’ votes received via Internet, Text Message Service or phone calls was 140,653.

Survey results:

Rank Design Proposal Number and Title Votes
1. 1. Patriarchal Cross in the Middle of Three Mountain Peaks 33,068
2. 7. Kriváň Peak 24,589
3. 4. Bratislava Castle 21,792
4. 6. Spiš Castle 14,962
5. 10. Saints Cyril and Methodius 13,204
6. 3. The cross from Veľká Mača 7,340
7. 8. Madonna with Child Jesus from Kremnica 7,138
8. 5. The Maiden’s Tower of Devin Castle 6,424
9. 9. Madonna with Child Jesus from the main altar of Levoča Parish Church 6,203
10. 2. The Celtic Biatec coin 5,933
Total votes 140,653