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Results of the public competition for the design of a €10 silver collector coin commemorating the 400th anniversary of the death of Juraj Thurzo

First prize (the design selected for the coin)
Peter Valach

First prize (the design selected for the coin) First prize (the design selected for the coin)

Second prize
Miroslav Hric

Second prize Second prize

Third prize
Karol Ličko

Third prize Third prize
Third prize

In July 2015 Národná banka Slovenska announced a public competition for the design of a €10 silver collector coin commemorating the 400th anniversary of the death of the Palatine Juraj Thurzo, a significant leader in the war with the Ottomans, a statesman, a man of learning and a supporter of humanistic education and culture. Twelve designs by twelve designers were entered in the competition. In October 2015 the designs were reviewed anonymously by the Committee for the Assessment of Commemorative and Collector Coin Designs, which was assisted by the expert advisor Tünde Lengyelová, representing the Institute of History of the Slovak Academy of Sciences.

At the Committee’s recommendation, the NBS Bank Board decided that the coin would use the design by Peter Valach, who was awarded the first prize. The Committee praised the design for its artistry and appreciated the quality of its content. The obverse side’s main feature is Juraj Thurzo on horseback with an aerial view of the Lietava Castle of that time in the background. The composition is completed by a circular inscription along the edge. Almost the whole reverse side of the coin is taken up by a portrait of the Palatine, which is accompanied by imaginatively used elements from his historical coat of arms.

A second prize was awarded to the designer Miroslav Hric. The Committee appreciated the apt treatment of the assigned theme as well as the high quality of the design’s execution. On the obverse side, the artist depicted a battle scene with Juraj Thurzo in the centre as a warrior riding on horseback wielding a spear. In the foreground are attributes of Ottoman arms – a shield and a scimitar on the ground. The reverse side is a portrait of the Palatine.

A third prize was awarded to Karol Ličko who entered two alternative designs for the obverse side. One of them features Juraj Thurzo’s main residence – Orava Castle. The other design has a lunette section in the lower part of the Orava Castle view, which depicts the castle in Veľká Bytča – another of the Palatine’s residences. The Committee was intrigued in particular by the sculptural and artistic quality of the other alternative design. The reverse side features Juraj Thurzo on horseback. Facing him on the left is a phalanx of armed riders.

Other prizes for high quality entries were awarded to Mária Poldaufová and Miroslav Rónai.