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50 Sk Banknote Description

(series 1993)
(series 1995)

Dimensions:68 x 134m±1,5 mm
Designer:Jozef Bubák
Engraver:Ron Beckers
Manufacturer:Ba Banknote, Ottawa, Canada (1993, 1995, 1999, 2002),
(since 2001 part of Giesecke & Devrient, Germany)
Canadian Bank Note Company Ottawa, Canada (2005)

Banknotes and coins, 50 Sk Banknote Description
Banknotes and coins, 50 Sk Banknote Description

The design of the front side of the new Slovak 50 Sk banknote is dedicated to the memory of St. Cyril and St. Method, the first Slav missionaries.
The motif on the back side of the banknote illustrates two hands, with the first seven letters of the old Slavonic alphabet “Hlaholika” between them, as a symbol of the gift the two saints brought to the ancient Slavs. The symmetrically reversed silhouette of the medieval church at Dražovce (District of Nitra) symbolizes the dawn of Christianity in our country.