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Optically Variable Feature

Optically variable feature – is a security feature on the front of the banknote printed in the form of a crescent in intaglio using special pigments having variable optical features. When the note is held against the light and viewed at a right angle, the colour of the crescent is gold, and when the note is viewed at an angle of 30 to 40 degrees, the colour of the optical device changes to green (on 5000 Sk banknote only). On 1000 Sk banknote the colour of triangle chengis from magenta to grenn (only series 1993 and 1995).

series 1995
Optically variable feature

Sk 200 banknotes reprinted in 1999 feature stylised lime leaves printed on the coupon by using the silk-screen technique and special pigments with variable optical effects. When the note is held against the light and viewed at right angles, the leaves are green, but when the note is viewed at a different angle, the colour turns purple-red. On the 1000 Sk banknote series 1999 two stylised thorus of the rose are printed in optically variable ink, the colour of which changes from magenta to gold-green. The reprints of Sk 5000 notes show a  stylised sun and sun-rays, printed by using special pigments the colour of which changes visibly from gold to green. On the 500 Sk banknote series 2000 is in optically variable ink printed stylised image of eagle`s head with green to blue colour shift.

series 1999
Optically variable feature
Optically variable feature

Security features of the banknotes