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UNESCO World Heritage - Bardejov Heritage Site

200 Sk Commemorative Silver Coin

The town of Bardejov, administrative and cultural centre of the upper Saris region, is located in the north-east part of Slovakia. The ancient royal borough offers a wealth of historic sights and is one of the most valuable urban complexes in Slovakia. The secular and ecclesiastical buildings giving the town a medieval appearance were built in the heyday of the town in the 14th and 15th centuries. The most valuable building is the historic Church of St. Egidius. Its eleven Gothic altars with panel paintings forming the altar wings are unique in the world. Worth of attention is the historic square bordered by Gothic and Renaissance town houses and the town hall from the beginning of the 16th century. The Gothic fortification is one of the best-preserved bulwarks within the European context. In 2000, the historic town centre including the well-preserved buildings of the Jewish synagogue and ritual baths was inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List

Description of the coin


In the middle of the obverse of the coin the main architectural features of the Bardejov town square – the Church of St. Aegidius and the town hall – are depicted. Above the buildings the state shield is placed. The name of the state SLOVENSKA REPUBLIKA appears along the upper edge of the coin and the nominal value 200 SLOVENSKYCH KORUN is given on the bottom of the coin. To the left of the church tower is the mark of the Kremnica Mint and below it the stylised initials of the designer Jan Cernaj.


In the middle of the reverse of the coin an ancient plan of the town with medieval fortification is depicted, together with the town’s coat of arms to its right. The inscription SVETOVE DEDICSTVO UNESCO (UNESCO WORLD HERITAGE) is placed along the upper edge of the coin, below appears the coinage date 2004.At the lower edge of the coin the town’s name BARDEJOV is inscribed.

Coin’s data

Designer: Jan Cernaj
Material: Ag 750, Cu 250
Weight: 20 g
Diameter: 34 mm
Producer: Kremnica mint (Slovak Republic)
Engraver: Dalibor Schmidt
Number of
pieces minted:
of which 3,600 proof
Date of issue: 30 august 2004