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200th anniversary of the signing of the Peace of Pressburg

200 Sk Commemorative Silver Coin

The wars led by Napoleon Bonaparte from 1796 to 1815, also affected the western part of the Slovak territory, which was at that time a part of the Habsburg Monarchy. Napoleon’s army marched to Slovakia for the first time in the lead up to the battle known as The Battle of the Three Emperors, which took place on December 2, 1805 at Austerlitz (Slavkov). Napoleon’s army defeated the armies of Francis I, the Austrian emperor and Alexander I, the Russian tsar. The allies suffered huge losses and Austria was forced to capitulate.

The final negotiations between Austrian and French diplomats took place at the end of December 1805 in Bratislava (Pressburg at that time). The peace treaty was signed on December 26, 1805 at the Classicistic residence of Estergom’s archbishop, which is nowadays known as the Primate’s Palace. The treaty contained harsh conditions for Austria and resulted in a new division of Europe. Austria lost its influence in Germany, was stripped of all its territories in Italy and lost Dalmatia, Tirol and Vorarlberg.

Description of the coin


The Primate’s Palace, in which the peace treaty was signed, is depicted on the obverse of the coin on the right. The military standard of Napoleon’s armies on the top of which is an eagle, the symbol of Napoleon I, is located in the middle of the coin. In the bottom part the composition is completed by the seal of Bratislava and by the crossed sabres of the defeated Austrian and Russian armies bound with a ribbon. The stylized initials of Pavel Karoly, the designer, and the mark of the Kremnica Mint are located near the bottom edge of the coin. SLOVENSKA REPUBLIKA, the name of the state, is located near the upper edge of the coin. The state coat of arms is to the right of the standard, the nominal value of 200 Sk is below it. 2005, the year of mintage, is located to the left of the handle of the sabre.


Napoleon I, the French emperor, is depicted on the reverse of the coin on the left and Francis I, the Austrian emperor, is on the right. The inscription BRATISLAVSKY MIER (Peace of Bratislava) is located near the upper edge of the coin in two lines, a mounted French soldier is under it, with a canon on the right. The composition is completed by waving ribbons with the French inscription PAIX DE PRESBOURG and the German PRESSBURGER FRIEDEN and with the year 1805. A drum is located near the bottom edge of the coin.

Coin’s data

Designer: Pavel Karoly
Material: Ag 900, Cu 100
Weight: 18 g
Diameter: 34 mm
Edge: inscription: “. 26 DECEMBER . 5 NIVOSE AN 14”
Producer: Kremnica Mint
Engraver: Dalibor Schmidt
Number of
pieces minted:
brilliant uncirculated quality: 5,100, the limited mintage is 10,000
proof quality: 3,400, the limited mintage is 5,000
Date of issue: 23 December 2005

Prospectus (PDF file; 841 KB)