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250th anniversary of the birth of Juraj Fándly

200 Sk commemorative silver coin

Banknotes and coins, 250th anniversary of the birth of Juraj Fándly
Banknotes and coins, 250th anniversary of the birth of Juraj Fándly

Juraj Fándly (21. 10. 1750 – 7. 3. 1811) – Roman-catholic priest, writer and educator, an enthusiastic national revivalist and propagator of the Slovak language. He belonged to the leading personalities of a group of enlighteners, who, headed by Anton Bernolák, created the ideological concept of Slovak national revival and undertook to codify the Slovak as a genuine written language.

As an enlightener, he was aware of the necessity to provide ordinary people with educational background. He considered preaching to be an important way of passing on knowledge to his flock. He summarized his ideas to this end in a voluminous work Casual and Feast-day Sermons. He saw as a prime task the publication of books for all layers of society:

Hard-working Domestic and Agricultural Master, On Fallow-ground and Bees, Folk-medicine Practitioner. These books not only conveyed simple recipes for becoming better farmers, but also the latest knowledge of contemporary scholars and of European cultural heritages of former generations. He explained and advocated the ecclesiastical-religious reforms of the Emperor Joseph II in his instructive and amusing work Confidential Debate between a Monk and a Devil.

  • Coin description

    The obverse of the coin has the coat of arms in its lover part, surrounded by foliage, accompanied by two bees. An open book is placed above the peaks of a mountain range, with a dove and symbolic rays of enlightenment. Above it, the name of the state SLOVENSKÁ REPUBLIKA is supplemented by a small ornament. The nominal value of the coin 200 Sk appears to the left of the ornament, and the date of issue 2000 is places to the right.

    The reverse of the coin bears a portrait of Juraj Fándly writing, together with his name. The letter R is decorated with a small ornament. To the left of the portrait are the dates of his birth and death 1750 – 1811.

  • Coin details
    Designer:Michal Gavula
    Material:Ag 750, Cu 250
    Weight:20 g
    Diameter:34 mm
    (Not by strength or power, but by my Spirit)
    Producer:Kremnica Mint (Slovak Republic)
    Engraver:Dalibor Schmidt
    Issuing volume:12,200
    of which 1,600 in proof quality
    Demonetized:700 in brilliant uncirculated quality (2006)