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150th anniversary of the birth of Jozef Škultéty

200 Sk commemorative silver coin

Banknotes and coins, 150th anniversary of the birth of Jozef Škultéty
Banknotes and coins, 150th anniversary of the birth of Jozef Škultéty

Jozef Škultéty (25 November 1853 – 19 January 1948) – literary critic and historian, writer, linguist, editor, translator and publicist, lifelong administrator of the Matica Slovenská cultural association and professor – one of the leading personalities of the Slovak national movement, an enthusiastic campaigner for Slovak national life and culture. He began with the publication of short stories; though, the more important are his literary critical and literary historical works. In the magazines ‘Slovenské pohľady’ and ‘Narodné noviny’ he presented and critically judged works of contemporary and older Slovak writers as well as Slav and other world literature. He devoted himself also to historic works. He was engaged in linguistics, and concentrated on Slovak grammar and linguistic norm. He undertook a study trip to Russia, established ties of friendship with outstanding Russian, Serbian, Polish and Swedish personalities, who paid him return visits. In his work, he had a direct influence on developments in political, cultural, literary and scientific life in Slovakia.

  • Description of the coin

    The second building of Matica Slovenská in Martin, for many years the location of Jozef Škultéty’s activities, is depicted in the center of the obverse of the coin. Above the building is the state shield, below the building is the name of the state Slovenská republika and the year of issue 2003 is on the lower margin.

    The reverse of the coin bears the portrait of Jozef Škultéty, with the name Jozef Škultéty and the years of his birth and death below. The face value, 200 Sk, is placed on the right of portrait. The initials of the designer of the coin Miroslav Ronai MR and the mark of the Kremnica Mint are placed on the left of the lower part of the portrait.

  • Coin details
    Designer:Miroslav Ronai
    Material:Ag 750, Cu 250
    Weight:20 g
    Diameter:34 mm
    (Endurance and Faith in the National Ideal)
    Producer:Kremnica Mint (Slovak Republic)
    Engraver:Dalibor Schmidt
    Issuing volume:11,500
    of which 2,700 in proof quality
    Issuing date:3 November 2003
    Demonetized:500 in brilliant uncirculated quality (2006)