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100th anniversary of the birth of Ján Smrek

200 Sk Silver Coin

Jan Smrek (16.12.1898 – 8.12.1982) – poet, translator and editor, an important representative and promoter of Slovak culture, put a new feeling of life into Slovak poetry, based on the joy of life, celebration of love, emotional and sensual self-realization, characteristic especially of the collections: Galloping Days, Divine Knots, Only the Eyes and the reflective composition The Poet and the Woman. The end of the thirties brought a change, when light impressions and carefree attitudes were replaced by a tone of grief over wartime suffering: The Feast, The Well. In the fifties, he was not allowed to publish new poetry because of his disagreement with the totalitarian regime, so he devoted his attention mainly to translation and writing childrens’ books. After a long break, he published the collections: Picture of the World, Strings, Don’t break my Circles and a book of memoirs Poetry, my Love. He protested against totalitarianism in poems which were published in 1993 in the collection Against the Night.

In the thirties in Prague, he played a major role in promoting and spreading of Slovak culture, by establishing the cultural monthly Elan, and by successful editing a Series of works by young Slovak authors.

Description of the coin


The obverse of the coin shows the figure of a sitting woman, the coat of arms, face value and year of issue. On the left margin of the coin is the name of the state SLOVENSKA REPUBLIKA. The initials of the designer Maria Poldaufova MP and the Kremnica mintmark are placed on the lower margin of the coin.


A portrait of Jan Smrek and the silbonette of a female figure are depicted on the reverse of the coin. To the right of the portrait is a facsimile of his signature Jan Cietek Smrek, and below it are the dates 1898 and 1982, indicating the dates of the poet’s birth and death.

Coin’s data

Designer: Maria Poldaufova
Material: Ag 750, Cu 250
Weight: 20 g
Diameter: 34 mm
Edge: inscription: “BASNIK JAN SMREK – 100. VYROCIE NARODENIA”
(Poet Jan Smrek – 100th Anniversary of Birth)
Producer: Kremnica mint (Slovak Republic)
Number of
pieces minted:
of which 1,500 proof
Demonetized: 2,300 in brilliant uncirculated quality (2006)