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Nature and countryside conservation - Nízke Tatry (Low Tatras) National Park

500 Sk Commemorative Silver Coin

The Low Tatras were declared a National Park in 1978 on a territory covering nearly 73 thousand hectares. Its wildlife and natural landscapes rank it among the most significant geographic regions in Slovakia. An extensive system of karst topography is found across its territory. Among the most outstanding karst valleys belong Janska dolina and Demanovská dolina, which contain the deepest and longest system of caves in Slovakia. The colorful geologic structure of the landscape, which ranges from 355 to 2043 meters above sea level, the uneven relief and long-time use of the land create conditons for a variety of diverse biotopes and many species of fauna and flora. The populations of brown bear, gray wolf, Eurasian lynx, golden eagle, black grouse, wood grouse, hazel grouse, pygmy owl and Tengmalm’s owl living here are crucial for the existence of these species in Slovakia. Among the flora, the Tatran ochre moss and the Slovak dame’s violet, which do not occur anywhere else in the world, and species of breakstone and parsley fern, which are found nowhere else in Slovakia, are worth mentioning. Other attractive wildflowers include Edelweiss, the Slovak pasque flower, the Clusius’ gentian and Carpathian snowbells.

Description of the coin


The upper field of the obverse of the coin depicts the highest peak of Low Tatras, Dumbier. Soldanella carpathica flowers are placed to the right of it, to the left is the name of the country, SLOVENSKA REPUBLIKA, together with its coat of arms. The year 2008 is at the bottom of the coin, near the edge.


The reverse shows a brown bear, the symbol of the National Park, surrounded by dwarf pine shrubs. The coin’s nominal value, 500 Sk, is located to the right of it, and the name of the park, NARODNY PARK NIZKE TATRY, is given on the left side. Below the name are the stylized initials of the forename and surname of Karol Licko, the coin designer, and the mark of the Kremnica Mint.

Coin’s data

Designer: Karol Licko
Material: Ag 925, Cu 75
Weight: 33,63 g
Diameter: 40 mm
Edge: relief inscription OCHRANA PRIRODY A KRAJINY
(Protection of nature and landscape)
Producer: Kremnica Mint
Engraver: Dalibor Schmidt
Number of
pieces minted:
brilliant uncirculated quality: 4,300
proof quality: 4,800
the limited mintage is 9,500
Date of issue: 13 May 2008

Prospectus (PDF file; 675 KB)