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250th anniversary of the death of Samuel Mikovíni

500 Sk Silver Coin

Samuel Mikovini (1686 – 23. 3. 1750) – world famous scholar, engraver, mathematician, geodesist, astronomer, cartographer, water engineer, architect and teacher – was one of the leading representatives of science and technology in the 18th century.

His knowledge and abilities contributed to various scientific disciplines and economic activities. In his work, he combined artistic talent with an enlightenment view of astronomy, geography, cartography and hydrology. He produced the first modern maps of the majority of counties in the Kingdom of Hungary, using his own measurements and his own unique cartographic method. He planned and constructed protective embankments along the rivers Danube and Vah, and built regulating and drainage works in various parts of Hungary. He worked out plans for the construction of a royal palace in Buda and made adaptation of the castle hill and the construction of a water treatment works. In the surroundings of Banska Stiavnica, he used water from a system of artificial lakes for mining purposes. In 1735 he was entrusted by the monarch to found at Banska Stiavnica the first school of mining in Europe, and became its director and professor. He significantly contributed to the central Slovak mining industry achieving at that time a place among the most technically developed in the world.

Description of the coin


The obverse of the coin depicts part of Mikovini’s map of the County of Bratislava from 1733, with allegorical figures and Bratislava Castle. In the upper part is a detail of the map with the contemporary names of the city of Bratislava – Posony and Pressburg. The face value of the coin – 500 Sk – is placed on the right, with the coat of arms below it. On the lower margin of the coin is the name of the state SLOVENSKA REPUBLIKA with the date of issue – 2000 – below it.


The reverse of the coin shows a portrait of Samuel Mikovini, with a surveying instruments, a solar system motif, the name SAMUEL MIKOVINY and the years of his birth and death – 1686 – 1750.

Coin’s data

Designer: Ing. Milan Vircik
Material: Ag 925, Cu 75
Weight: 33,63 g
Diameter: 40 mm
Edge: inscription: “KARTOGRAF – MATEMATIK – STAVITEL…”
(Cartographer – mathematician – builder …)
Producer: Kremnica mint (Slovak Republic)
Number of
pieces minted:
of which 1,500 proof
Demonetized: 600 in brilliant uncirculated quality (2006)