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Bratislava coronations - 350th anniversary of the coronation of Leopold I

5000 Sk Commemorative Gold Coin

In the first third of the 16th century, Hungary was threatened by the raids of the Turks. After the Turkish occupation of the capital Buda, the Hungarian Parliament decided in 1536 that the new capital and coronation city of Hungary would be Pressburg (today’s Bratislava). From 1563 to 1830, 11 rulers and 8 royal wives were crowned in the gothic St. Martin’s Cathedral.

Leopold I, son of Ferdinand III, barely 15 years old, was crowned in Pressburg on June 27, 1655 as the sixth of the Hungarian kings. His reign, which began in 1657 and lasted till his death in 1705, was marked by several anti-Habsburg uprisings and especially by the anti-Turkish wars. The Turks suffered their worst defeats and were chased from Hungary. The Habsburg monarchy, which until that time had been no more than a free union of Central European countries, established a firm base and became a leading European monarchy.

Description of the coin


The mounted herald – a medieval town crier, who was present at every coronation, is depicted on the obverse, together with the Bratislava castle and the coronation cathedral of St. Martin’s. The name of the state SLOVENSKA REPUBLIKA, is placed near the upper edge of the coin. 2005, the year of mintage, is located between the castle and the cathedral. The national state shield and the nominal value are to the right of the herald. KL, the stylized initials of Karol Licko, the designer of the obverse, and MK, the trademark of the Kremnica Mint, are located under the herald’s cloak near the bottom edge of the coin.


The portrait of Leopold I with the Hungarian royal crown in the front are depicted on the reverse. The inscription KORUNOVACIA LEOPOLDA I. (Coronation of Leopold I) is located near the upper edge. BRATISLAVA, the present name of the coronation city of Hungarian kings, and 1655, the year of the coronation, are placed in the bottom section. MG, the stylized initials of Michal Gavula, the academic sculptor and the designer of the reverse, are located under the royal crown near the bottom edge.

Coin’s data

Designer: obverse: Karol Licko
reverse: akad. soch. Michal Gavula
Material: Au 900, Ag 75, Cu 25
Weight: 9,5 g
Diameter: 26 mm
Edge: milled
Producer: Kremnica Mint
Engraver: Jozef Brtko, Dalibor Schmidt
Number of
pieces minted:
5,000 proof
limited mintage is 7,500
Date of issue: 15 December 2005

Prospectus (PDF file; 827 KB)