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Bratislava Coronations – 400th anniversary of the coronation of Matthias II

5 000 Sk commemorative gold coin

Banknotes and coins, Bratislava Coronations – 400th anniversary of the coronation of Matthias II
Banknotes and coins, Bratislava Coronations – 400th anniversary of the coronation of Matthias II

In the 15th century, but especially in the first third of 16th century, Hungary was in danger of intensive incursions of Turks. In the year 1526, Turks defeated Christian army in the battle at Mohac and the way to Hungarian lowland was thus opened for them. After seizure of the capital Budin, Hungarian Parliament decided in the year 1536, that Pressburg (contemporary Bratislava) should become coronation town, not only because of its favourable location, but also because of the strategic fortification. Pressburg became the parliamentary town of the kingdom and the seat of the most important institutions, too. Gothic parish church of Saint Martin became the coronation place of Hungarian rulers. In the years 1536 – 1830, 11 Hungarian kings and 8 kings’ wives were crowned there.
Matthias II was crowned in Pressburg on 19th November, 1608 as the third of the Hungarian kings. From the year 1611 he also reigned in Czech lands and from the year 1612 in the whole Roman-German Empire until his death in the year 1619.

  • Description of the coin

    The obverse of the coin shows a composition of the interior and tower of St. Martin’s Coronation Cathedral and of Bratislava Castle with a part of its fortification. The name of the state, SLOVENSKÁ REPUBLIKA, appears in the inscription on both sides of the composition. The state coat of arms is placed in the middle of the bottom part of the coin, and the year 2008 appears on both sides of the coat of arms in a divided line. Stylized initials of the coin designers are located above the fortification near the edge of the coin – the initials of Miroslav Ronai, MR, are on the left, and those of Branislav Ronai, BR, on the right.

    The reverse of the coin depicts a portrait of King Matthias II along with the coronation insignia – the Hungarian royal crown and the coronation sword in the foreground. The right part depicts the tower of the St. Michael’s Gate and the tower of the Franciscan Church in Bratislava. The texts KORUNOVÁCIA MATEJA II. (Coronation of Matthias II), BRATISLAVA, and 1608, the year of the coronation, are placed along the right edge of the coin in three lines. The nominal value, 5000 Sk, is located near the bottom edge. The mintmark of the Kremnica Mint, MK between two dies, is situated below the handle of the sward.

  • Coin details
    Designer:Branislav Ronai (obverse), Miroslav Ronai (reverse)
    Composition:Au 900, Ag 75, Cu 25
    Weight:9.5 g
    Diameter:26 mm
    Producer:Kremnica Mint
    Engraver:Dalibor Schmidt
    Issuing volume:4,050 coins in proof quality
    Issuing date:16 September 2008