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100th anniversary of the birth of Imrich Karvaš

200 Sk commemorative silver coin

Banknotes and coins, 100th anniversary of the birth of Imrich Karvaš
Banknotes and coins, 100th anniversary of the birth of Imrich Karvaš

Imrich Karvaš (25th February 1903 – 20th February 1981), economist, jurist, university professor, and publicist, was not only an outstanding, internationally acknowledged expert, but also a great humanist and patriot. He became an important figure in the field of economic policy and its implementation. He was a co-founder of Politika journal (Politics) and editor of the Hospodárske rozhľady (Economic Perspectives) monthly. He published 13 monographs, a large number of articles, and gave lecturers in Europe and the USA. In 1938 he became a minister in the government of Czechoslovakia. From 1939 to 1944 he served as governor of the Slovak National Bank and contributed significantly to the favourable development of the Slovak economy during the difficult war period. As the Governor of the SNB and Chairman of the Central Supplies Office, he was involved in preparations for the Slovak National Uprising, arrested by the fascists and sentenced to death. After the liberation, he played an important part in rebuilding the economy of Slovakia. He refused to co-operate with the communist regime, was falsely accused of espionage and treason and thrown in prison. He was granted amnesty in 1960, and rehabilitated in full as late as 1969.

  • Description of the coin

    The building where Imrich Karvaš worked as governor of the Slovak National Bank and which served as the seat of the National Bank of Slovakia for almost ten years after1993, is depicted in the center of the obverse of the coin. The state shield is placed in the upper right part of the building. The name of the state SLOVENSKÁ REPUBLIKA, the year of issue 2003 and the Kremnica mintmark MK are placed below the building. The face value of 200 Sk is placed on the right side of the coin.

    The portrait of Imrich Karvaš appears on the reverse of the coin. The name IMRICH KARVAŠ is placed in the lower right part, with the dates of his birth and death underneath. The initials of the designer of the coin Miroslav Ronai “MR” are placed at the bottom.

  • Coin detials
    Designer:Miroslav Ronai
    Material:Ag 750, Cu 250
    Weight:20 g
    Diameter:34 mm
    (National Economist – Humanist – European)
    Producer:Kremnica Mint (Slovak Republic)
    Engraver:Filip Kuzmín
    Issuing volume:12,800
    of which 3,000 in proof quality
    Issuing date:25 February 2003
    Demonetized:900 in brilliant uncirculated quality (2006)