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100th anniversary of the opening of the first tramway in Bratislava

Silver 200 Sk coin

Beginning of the 1890s Bratislava had approximately 53,000 inhabitants. The increase in growth of the city gave rise to the construction of tramways in the streets. This progressive form of urban transport was introduced in Bratislava, two years earlier than in Vienna and Budapest the metropolises of the former Austro-Hungarian Monarchy. The track was constructed by a consortium formed by the Austrian engineer Alexander Werner and the companies Lindheim and Co. of Vienna, and Ganz and Co. of Budapest. The ceremonial opening took place on 27.8.1895. The track measured 3,125 metres, had 12 stops, and the maximum speed of the trams was 24 km per hour.

Description of the coin


The coat of arms of the Slovak Republic is placed in the middle of the coin, with the year of issue above it. The name of the state: “SLOVENSKA REPUBLIKA”, and the nominal value, form an equilateral triangle around the coat of arms.


A technical drawing of a tram is depicted in the centre of the coin, in an equilateral triangle – above from the front, and at the below from the side. The inscription “1. elektricka v Bratislave” (First tram in Bratislava) and the years of the opening of the tramway and its centenary are placed by the sides of the triangle.

Coin’s data

Designer: Patrik Kovacovsky
Material: Ag 750, Cu 250
Weight: 20 g
Diameter: 34 mm
Edge: inscription “Hlavne nadrazie – Terezianska stvrt”
(Main station – Theresian Quarter)
Producer: Kremnica mint (Slovak Republic)
Number of
pieces minted:
of which 1,600 proof
Demonetized: 10 500 in brilliant uncirculated quality (2002)
500 in brilliant uncirculated quality (2006)