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200th anniversary of the birth of Mikuláš Galanda

Silver 200 Sk coin

Mikulas Galanda (4.5.1895 Trencianske Teplice – 5.6.1938 Bratislava), was one of the important pioneers and propagators of Slovak modern art. His illustrations and book designs significantly raised the level of inter-war book art. In 1937, he won a Silver Medal at the World Exhibition in Paris for this art genre.

In all his work, he strove to formulate the Slovak artistic modernism on the basis of achievements in the development of European painting. He was inclined towards expressionist and cubist trends, and created his own form of painting on this basis. His thought was oriented towards domestic content, associated with the Slovak landscape and people.

Description of the coin


A mother with child in her arms from Galanda’s picture “Mother” is depicted in the centre of the coin between diagonal lines. The name “SLOVENSKA REPUBLIKA”, is given parallel to the diagonal lines. The coat of arms of the Slovak Republic is placed to the left of the mother, and the year of issue to the right.


A portrait of Mikulas Galanda is placed in the middle of the coin between diagonal lines. A copy of his signature and the years of his birth and death are placed parallel with the diagonal lines. The nominal value of the coin is given to the right of the portrait.

Coin’s data

Designer: Vojtech Pohanka
Material: Ag 750, Cu 250
Weight: 20 g
Diameter: 34 mm
(painter and graphic artist)
Producer: Kremnica mint (Slovak Republic)
Number of
pieces minted:
of which 1,500 proof
Demonetized: 10 200 in brilliant uncirculated quality (2002)
500 in brilliant uncirculated quality (2006)