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Fee payment format

For the identification of payments made to NBS, the variable code and specific code must be stated on the payment order.

The IBAN for the payment of fees is: SK87 0720 0000 0000 0000 2516.

Fees may be paid by bank transfer or deposit. The fee payment order must include the following identifiers:

a variable code

which for natural persons is:

  • their personal identification number without slash (‘/’), or, if not assigned this number,
  • their date of birth in the format YYYYMMDD;

which for legal entities is:

  • their identification number, or
  • if a foreign legal entity, their corresponding identification information.

a specific code

the specific code to be stated is stipulated in the annex to NBS Decree No 5/2021 (in Slovak language only).

a purpose code – 0308