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Notification of central contact point

Information regarding the notification of the appointment of a central contact point

Based on the provisions of Article 79(13), in conjunction with Articles 79(12) and 86(27), of Act No 492/2009 Coll. on payment services (and amending certain laws), as amended (“the Payment Services Act”), payment institutions (PIs) and electronic money institutions (EMIs) that have their head office in a European Union (EU) Member State other than Slovakia and that provide payment services in the territory of Slovakia through payment service agents are required to appoint a central contact point in the territory of Slovakia in accordance with a separate regulation1.

The purpose of central contact points is to ensure communication and information reporting on compliance with the Payment Services Act (Part Two – Payment Services – Articles 3 to 44 and Article 44(g); Part Six – Data Protection – Articles 88 to 88(a); and Part Seven – Articles 89 to 95) and to facilitate supervision by the competent authorities of the home Member State and by Národná banka Slovenska, including by providing these competent authorities with documents and information on request.

Under Article 2(2) of a separate regulation1, payment institutions and electronic money institutions are required to appoint a central contact point if any of the criteria laid down in Article 2 of that regulation are met.

If any one or more of the criteria laid down in Article 2(2) of a separate regulation1 are met, the payment institution or electronic money institution is required to notify Národná banka Slovenska about the appointment of a central contact point within 30 days of any one or more of those criteria being met.

Information notified to Národná banka Slovenska must be provided in writing. Together with the notification referred to in the previous paragraph, it is recommended to submit documents demonstrating the facts mentioned above (for example, agreements with payment service agents).

Method of service:
electronic – the information must be submitted by e-mail to, using the template and with electronic versions of the relevant documents attached;
by post – the information must be sent by post to the following address, using the print version of the template and with print versions of the relevant documents enclosed:

Národná banka Slovenska
Banking and Payment Services Supervision Department
Imricha Karvaša 1
813 25 Bratislava

1), which enters into force on the 20th day following its publication in the Official Journal of the European Union