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Market with crypto-assets will soon make part of the regulated financial market. For the provision of activities concerning crypto-assets, it will be necessary to obtain authorization from the national competent authority in charge of supervision, which is, in the Slovak Republic, National Bank of Slovakia.

Duties of entities, that are willing to perform activities concerning crypto-assets are further specified in the relevant regulation.

MiCA - Nariadenie EP a Rady (EÚ) 2023/1114 z 31. mája 2023 o trhoch s kryptoaktívami a o zmene nariadení (EÚ) č. 1093/2010 a (EÚ) č. 1095/2010 a smerníc 2013/36/EÚ a (EÚ) 2019/1937

TFR - Nariadenie EP a Rady (EÚ) 2023/1113 z 31. mája 2023 o údajoch sprevádzajúcich prevody finančných prostriedkov a určitých kryptoaktív a o zmene smernice (EÚ) 2015/849



National Bank of Slovakia is planning to organize in the coming months workshops and seminars with the public, which will be dedicated to new MICA regulation.


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