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Analytical commentaries and working papers

Occasional analytical commentaries and working papers on current financial stability issues.

(Some documents are in Slovak language only)

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No 7/2023What’s the Cost of ”Saving the Planet” for Banks? (working paper)

Working paper summary (analytical commentary) (SK): Will the transition to a carbon-neutral world hurt Slovak banks?
16 August 2023The increase in mortgage payments is manageable for most households (analytical commentary) (SK)
No 1/2023Decomposition of retail loan growth (occasional paper)
20 June 2022Opportunity taken or not: To what extent have households taken the chance to lock in a low interest for a longer term? (analytical commentary) (SK)
28 March 2022Business model sustainability of Slovak banks (analytical commentary) (SK)
14 March 2022Increasing household investment in corporate bonds (analytical commentary) (SK)
1 February 2022Index of borrower-based measures in Slovakia (analytical commentary)
12 November 2021Details of household lending in the first half of 2021 (analytical commentary) (SK)
No 3/2021Analysis of the impact of borrower-based measures (occasional paper)
14 April 2021Does the fight against climate change threaten financial stability? (analytical commentary) (SK)