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The NSG Pay-SK, acting on behalf of the Slovak market, expresses positions and opinions on matters addressed by the ECB through its working groups in the area of payments and payment systems, in particular through the AMI-Pay (The Advisory Group on Market infrastructures for Payments).

Information from the ECB in the payments field is conveyed to market participants by the NSG Pay-SK Chairperson, the NSG Pay-SK Secretary, or other NBS representatives. Based on its consultation procedures conducted across the Slovak market, the NSG Pay-SK produces written opinions on ECB documentation.

NSG Pay-SK is mandated to:

  • coordinate activities in the payments field between market participants in Slovakia, including activities concerning the processing of payments in Eurosystem and NBS infrastructures;
  • raise awareness in the national market of projects, infrastructure changes, and AMI-Pay documentation;
  • coordinate the formulation of opinions on AMI-Pay documentation on behalf of the national market as a whole;
  • analyse trends and innovations in the payments field and their impact on the domestic payments market;
  • provide a forum for the discussion of draft law changes in the payments field;
  • collect, summarise and publish information on payments and payment systems in Slovakia;
  • establish, where necessary, working subgroups to address specific tasks.