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Vasiľ Roman

Photo of Vasiľ Roman

Advisor to the Deputy Governor

Fields of interest:
  • financial stability
  • empirical finance
  • climate economics


KALMAN, Jozef – KLACSO, Ján – VASIĽ, Roman – ZEMAN, Juraj. 2023. What’s the Cost of “Saving the Planet” for Banks? Assessing the Indirect Impact of Climate Transition Risks on Slovak Banks’ Loan Portfolios. Working Paper NBS 7/2023. 39 pages.



CESNAK, Martin – KLACSO, Ján – VASIĽ, Roman. 2021. Analysis of the Impact of Borrower-Based Measures. Occasional Paper NBS 3/2021. 64 pages.


ECB/ESRB Project Team on Climate risk (including Roman Vasiľ). December 2023. Towards macroprudential frameworks for managing climate risk.


IRC Task Force (including VASIĽ, Roman). 2021. The IMF’s role in sovereign debt restructurings. Occasional Paper ECB 262/2021. 60 pages.


POVALA, Pavol – VASIĽ, Roman. 2017. Prognóza časovej štruktúry úrokových sadzieb na Slovensku. Working Paper MF SR 42/20217.

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