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Methodological information

Sector manual

Assets and liabilities of MFI’s sector are broken down in terms of instrument, maturity, and currency as well as by institutional sector of creditor on liabilities side and of debtor on assets side. Particular institutional sectors are defined according to European system of accounts (ESA 2010).

Following manuals are used as guidance by the filling of statistical reports:

Revision policy

Methodological guideline on revision policy sets the rules for ordinary and exceptional revisions in current and previous reference periods. The guideline also regulates publishing of money and banking statistics data on the web site of the National Bank of Slovakia.

Bad loans

Methodical guide for classification of bad loans used in data on loans disseminated on the web site of the National Bank of Slovakia.

MFI balance sheet and interest rates statistics and EBA guidelines on FINREP and COREP/ large exposures bridging the reporting requirements – Methodological Manual

The aim of the methodological manual ECB / ESCB and EBA is to reconcile the statistical reporting system required by the ECB and reporting for the purpose of supervision and financial stability. The guide contains an analysis of the potential areas of overlap of the two regions reporting and differences in definitions, concepts, rules, and under pricing. In the second part through the bridging tables systematically identifies possible links (common elements and differences) between the two reporting requirements. Classification system would be able to help reporting entities (credit institutions) to identify similarities and differences between the requirements of the ECB and EBA.