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Consultation papers

On this page, you will find materials that the National Bank of Slovakia publishes in order to allow the professional and general public to comment on a certain area of ​​FinTech in the form of consultations.

Date of publication Title Deadline for responses Next steps
24 June, 2022 Cryptoassets & the digital euro: 2021 consumer survey in Slovakia [.pdf, 704.45 kB] (finished) NBS will take the results into account in its activities in the areas of cryptoactive and digital euro, especially in increasing consumers’ financial literacy. NBS will repeat the consumer survey in order to monitor the development of consumers’ awareness, attitudes, knowledge and experience of these innovations.
23 March, 2021 Prehľad inovácií v dohliadaných subjektoch finančného trhu v SR [.pdf, 648 kB] – publishing of the overview of innovations in the banking, capital market, insurance, and pension fund sectors in Slovakia (Slovak Edition) (finished) Narodná banka Slovenska will regularly perform the questionnaire survey in order to follow the development in the innovation field in financial market participants in Slovakia.
10 November, 2020 Overview of the crypto assets market in Slovakia [.pdf, 695.3 kB] (finished) In 2021 NBS will repeat this exercise in order to be able to observe trend in this area of business activity in Slovakia.
19 June, 2020 Regulatory sandbox [.pdf, 699.6 kB] (finished) Vyhodnotenie konzultácie k regulačnému sandboxu [.pdf, 901.5 kB] – publishing of the results of the consultation on Regulatory sandbox (Slovak Edition)


2021 – sandbox implementation, in case of a positive result of the public consultation