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Bratislava Stock Exchange

Bratislava Stock Exchange, joint-stock company (hereinafter referred as to “BSSE”) with registered office Vysoká 17, 811 06 Bratislava, Company Registration Number: 00 604 054, was founded on 15 March 1991 in compliance with the decree of the Ministry of Finance of the Slovak Republic from the year 1990 and at the present is the sole organiser of a regulated market of securities. The regulated market is divided into listed market and free market. Trading on the BSSE started on 6 April 1993. The activity of the BSSE is governed by the Stock Exchange Rules of the BSSE formulation which was based on experiences of functioning European and World stock exchanges and on the effective legislation in the Slovak Republic. Since 2001, BSSE has been performing its activity on the basis of a licence granted by the Financial Market Authority No. UFT-003/2001/BCP, that came into force on 26 June 2001. As of 1 May 2008 BSSE has been organising the Multilateral Trading Facility – MTF.

The registered capital of the BSSE is 11 404 927,296 € and is divided into 11 385 registered non-bearer securities in the denomination per unit 331,94 € and 229 734 registered non-bearer securities in the denomination per unit 33,194 €. The operation of BSSE is based on a membership principle, under which only subjects that are investment firms, assets management companies, foreign investment firms or alternatively foreign asset management companies and which fulfilled requirements stipulated in law and in Stock Exchange Rules may become a stock exchange member. According to the Stock Exchange Rules there can be a temporary membership, which is limited for the period of one year, and regular membership – which is permanent. When concluding stock exchange transactions a stock exchange member always acts on its behalf, its own account or the account of their client and is obliged to act in accordance with the Stock Exchange Rules and with relevant general legally binding regulations. In compliance with the law, the National Bank of Slovakia is an authorized person that can conclude stock exchange transactions; however it may not provide purchase and sell services for third parties.

The supreme body of the Stock Exchange is the general assembly of shareholders, which includes the National Property Fund of the Slovak Republic, major Slovak financial institutions, investment, broker and insurance companies (see below List of BSSE shareholders). The statutory body of the Stock Exchange is the board of directors and the review body of the Stock Exchange is the supervisory board. The executive body of the Stock Exchange managing its activities is the general director.

The following three stock exchange committees have been established as permanent advisory bodies:

  • Trading Committee
  • Securities Listing Committee
  • Membership Committee.

The BSSE organizes trading with securities on a regulated market and on a multilateral trading facility. The regulated market is divided into a listed market and a regulated market. Subject of trading on regulated market are shares, bonds and unit certificates in a closed-ended funds.

In 1995 Stock Exchange Arbitration court (hereinafter referred as to “SEAC”) was established whose main task is to resolve disputes resulting from stock exchange transactions, as well as transactions closed outside BSSE. The SEAC is a permanent and independent institution. Proceedings can start on the condition that concerned parties express their free will to negotiate a given dispute in front of the SEAC, confirmed by arbitration agreement signed by both parties.

List of BSSE shareholders

List of BSSE members

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