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Central Depository of Securities - Basic information

The central depository is a joint stock company with its registered office in the territory of the Slovak Republic. The central depository performs activities in accordance with Act No. 566/2001 Coll. on Securities and Investment Services (hereinafter referred as to “Securities Act”) and licence granted by the National Bank of Slovakia.

The central depository performs its activities according to the requirements stipulated in the Securities Act, in the extent set by the licence to establish and operate the central depository. Any person other than the central depository may not provide services of the central depository without being granted the licence by the National Bank of Slovakia unless Securities Act and other separate law stipulate otherwise.

The business name of the central depository must contain the designation “central depository of securities”. No other natural or legal person may use the designation “central depository of securities” or its translation in its business name.

The legal framework for the activity of central depository besides Securities Act, is set by the Decree No. 92/2002 Coll. of the Ministry of Finance of the Slovak Republic stipulating the details and means of demonstrating the fulfilment of conditions necessary for the granting of licence for the establishment and operation of a central securities depository and Decree No. 93/2002 Coll. of the Ministry of Finance of the Slovak Republic stipulating the requirements of an application for the grant of prior consent, pursuant to Article 102, paragraph (1) of Securities Act.

Central Securities Depository of the Slovak Republic is currently the sole central depository in the Slovak Republic