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History T2

The payment system TARGET2 (the second-generation Trans-European Automated Real-time Gross settlement Express Transfer system) is based on a single shared technical platform SSP and is used for real-time gross settlement of payments in euro and in the central bank money. This platform enables a single technical procedure for submitting, receiving and processing high-value payments. SSP is managed by the Bank of Italy, the Deutsche Bundesbank and the Bank of France. TARGET2 was launched on 19th November 2007 as improved successor of TARGET. Eurosystem has decided for gradual transition, it means that European countries have migrated to TARGET2 in three groups for six months, when both systems operate in parallel. The Slovak Republic is connected to TARGET2 from 2nd January 2009.


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TARGET2 works on the principle:

  • harmonisation of services for the benefit of user requirements,
  • guarantee of consistency and cost recovery,
  • single price of essential services,
  • elimination of competition between T2 components.

This system supports the objectives aimed at making monetary policy and contributes to integration and stability in the euro area money markets. Includes instruments for optimizing liquidity, offers the same level of service to all members of TARGET2 and supports the accession of new members into the euro area.

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