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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the syntax of the XML file names of the type Vxx_20150131.xml, where Vxx is the report code (just as, for example, v_14 denotes the report V(NBS)14-98 and B_01 denotes the report Bil(NBS)1-12) and the date is the date as at which the report is prepared or the date when it is transmitted to NBS?

A: XML file names may be freely chosen. Before importing a file or files to the IS SCP, the user must select the file(s) from the directory.

Q: Is the code to be entered in the ‘subject’ field the bank code (1100, 0200, 1111….), or does the bank get a special code for reporting?

A: It is the identifier (ID) assigned to agents reporting through the IS SCP (the same code that was assigned to financial agents reporting through IS STATUS_DFT). Banks are already registered in the IS SCP.

Q: Is the date to be entered in the ‘period’ field the date as at which the report is prepared or the date on which it is transmitted to NBS?
What does the letter ‘Z’ after the date mean?

A: It is the end date of the reference period (for which the report is prepared).
The letter ‘Z’ in the ‘template valid from’ and ‘period’ fields denotes the time zone, i.e. zero time zone or universal coordinated time (UTC).

Q: Is the date to be entered in the ‘prepared at’ field the transmission date?

A: It is the date on which the XML was prepared by the ‘Editor’, or on which the XML file was generated.

Q: Is the name to be entered in the ‘prepared by’ field the name of the bank’s staff member responsible for transmitting the report to NBS?

A: No. The ID of the Editor who prepared the report is entered there.

Q: Will NBS be issuing a description of XML file structures for particular reports, just as it issued templates of the text files imported to IS STATUS?

A: Yes. The templates must first be generated in the IS SCP and will then be added to on an ongoing basis. The unit XML for each report template can be directly downloaded in the IS SCP, in the bookmark Metadata/Report templates. After selecting the required report, choose ‘Export unit XML’ from the options available.