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Information for licensed reporting agents

Getting started with the IS SCP

for licensed reporting agents/agents with a two-factor authentication

(agents reporting through IS STATUS, IS STATUS_DFT)

1. Introduction

The information system Statistics Collection Portal ( IS SCP) became operational on 2 January 2016. By the end of 2015 NBS had gradually replaced the information systems (IS STATUS, IS STATUS_DFT) previously used for the collection, processing and storage of data on reporting agents.

2. IS SCP User Guide

The IS SCP User Guide may be found here: /_img/Documents/_Statistika/

3. Registration for access to the IS SCP environment

To register for access to the IS SCP, it is necessary to have a workstation that meets the technical requirements laid down in Chapter 7 of the IS SCP User Guide.

NBS established reporting agents in the IS SCP using the identification data found in IS STATUS and IS STATUS_DFT. The agents were assigned an identification code comprising the letter ‘S’ and a ten-digit numeric code.

The reporting agents’ users were not automatically established in the IS SCP. The first user at each agent is the ‘agent administrator’, established by NBS. For the establishment of this agent, the following documents must be delivered in person to NBS (to the IS SCP administrator):

– a completed Application to Establish an Agent Administrator in the IS SCP – Annex 1

– the agent administrator’s certificate.

The requirements for an administrator’s certificate are set out in Chapter 7 of the IS SCP User Guide.

Agent administrators may be registered on business days between 9 a.m. and 2 p.m. NBS registers an agent administrator by printing out a confirmation of receipt of the agent administrator’s certificate and providing the agent administrator with the registration activation data. The agent administrator must activate its registration within 72 hours after NBS implements the agent administrator’s initial registration in the IS SCP. If the agent administrator fails to activate its registration within that time, the whole IS SCP registration process must be repeated with new registration activation data issued via the IS SCP.

The registration of a reporting agent’s contact persons and other users, including the assignment of access rights to these users, is carried out by the agent administrator.

4. NBS contact persons


IS SCP administrator
If for any reason the IS SCP is inaccessible, any of the following NBS staff members may be contacted to arrange the delivery of an agent administrator’s certificate:

Mgr. Zuzana Kubranová – tel.: 02/5787 2284
Igor Tilandy – tel.: 02/5787 2285
Marek Rybárik – tel.: 02/5787 2281
Silvia Buchtová – tel.: 02/5787 2246

IS SCP methodologist

For questions about the IS SCP’s functionality, any of the following NBS staff members may be contacted:

Ing. Jozef Klotton – tel.: 02/5787 2613,
Ing. Ivan Kvasnica – tel.: 02/5787 2605,
Ing. Tatiana Jurkivová – tel.: 02/5787 2686,
Ing. Milan Florián, CSc. – tel.: 02/5787 2698,

NBS staff members are available to answer questions on business days between 9 a.m. and 3 p.m.

Annex 1

Application to Establish an Agent Administrator in the IS SCP [.xls, 70 kB]