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Monetary statistics of monetary financial institutions

The aim of monetary balance sheet statistics of MFIs is to measure amount and gross rate of aggregate “Money” and its counterparts. The reason for calculation of aggregate “Money” is its strong relation with price level, which is used for performing of main task of central bank “maintaining of price stability”. With regard to get the best use of this aggregate, it was very important to specify the items, which have to be included in it. Based on empirical research there was determined criterion of high moneyness of assets/liabilities. By the criterion who is “issuing” and who is “holding” high moneyness liabilities/assets there was defined following groups of entities:
  1)  money issuing sector – Monetary financial institutions
  2)  money holding sector
  3)  money – neutral sector

Aggregated balance sheet other MFIs is summary of statistical balance sheets of MFIs excluding balance sheet of National Bank of Slovakia. Structure and contents of items of statistics balance sheets are defined with aim to compile consolidated balance sheet of MFIs.

Aggregate “Money” is measured through Monetary aggregates, which differed by degree of liquidity. There are “Narrow money” M1, “Intermediate money” M2, and “Broad money” M3.

Consolidated balance sheet is used for calculation of monetary aggregates and its counterparts. Consolidated balance sheet of MFIs is obtained by netting inter-MFIs positions from aggregated balance sheet of MFIs (including NBS).

Monetary aggregates represent high degree moneyness liabilities of MFIs and central government related to residents from sector of money holding entitiesCounterparts are composed by rest of consolidated balance sheet after calculation of monetary aggregate M3.

Prior to calculation of annual growth rates, transactions must be calculated. Annual growth rate is calculated with using chain index with fixation to base period – January 2008, where kde Ijanuary 2008 = 100.

List of Monetary financial institutions

List of monetary financial institutions (list of MFIs) represents actual reporting population comprises selected residential units in Slovakia. It is compiled in particular for statistical purposes to monitor balance sheet statistics of “money creating” sector and ensure its consistency. The actual reporting population corresponds with institutional units of economical sectors S.121 (central bank) and S.122 (other monetary financial institutions) according to European System of National and Regional Accounts (ESA 95).

Archive of lists of MFIs

List of MFIs is compiled according to REGULATION ECB/2001/13. Actual List of MFIs is disseminated by the ECB via internet under following links:

Balance sheet of the National bank of Slovakia

Slovakia as the euro area member state
Time series 2006 – 2024

Slovakia before entry to the euro area
Time series 2004 – 2008

Balance sheet of Money market funds

Aggregated balance sheet of other MFIs

Slovakia as the euro area member state
Time series 2006 – 2024

Slovakia before entering the euro area
Time series 2004 – 2008

National contribution to consolidated balance sheet of the euro area

Time series 2006 – 2024

Consolidated balance sheet of MFIs

Time series 2004 – 2008

National contribution to monetary aggregates and main counterparts of M3 of the euro area

Time series 2006 – 2024Receivables of banks: Time series 2006 – 2024
SurveyReceivables of banks: Survey

In connection with entry into the euro area the methodology for of monetary aggregates and counterparts of monetary aggregate M3 compilation has been changed.

Since January 1st, 2009 they represent national contribution of Slovakia to the aggregated euro area data published by the ECB. Regarding this change, “claims and liabilities of MFIs” are observed vis-à-vis residents/non-residents of the euro area (till the end of 2008, residents were represented only by domestic entities).

The item “Currency issued” is designated by the ECB’s banknote allocation key and represents the central bank’s share in the capital of the ECB and the central bank’s share in the total issue of currency in the euro area.

Monetary aggregates and main counterparts of monetary aggregate M3

Loans granted by MFIs adjusted for loans sale and securitisation

Explanatory notes:
(p) – Preliminary data
Statistical data are disseminated and revised according to revision policy.

Last updated on 28 Feb 2022