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Archive data - ESA 95


QFA represent financial statistical data that are integrated part of system of national accounts. Those data present financial outstanding amounts and transactions among particular economic sectors and between those sectors and rest of the world. The outstanding amounts data give us comprehensive view of financial wealth and indebtedness of households, nof-financial corporations and general government. The data on financial transactions contain information on net acqusition of financial assets and net acqusition of financial liabilities respectively.

The reporting for the need of QFA compilation is based on so-called seven-sector approach in line with ESA95 methodology, when particular economic sectors are aggregated in three main economic areas: non-financial sectors (general government, non-financial corporations, households and non-profit institutions), financial sectors (central bank, other monetary and financial institutions, insurance companies and pension funds) and rest of the world. Financial linkages between particular economic sectors are in QFA expressed by seven basic financial instruments: monetary gold and special drawing rights, currency and deposits, securities other than shares, loans, shares and other equity, insurance technical reserves and other accounts receivable/payable. QFA are very useful tool for backward consistency controls on monetary and banking, balance of payments, general government and capital market statistics.

Data on euro-area QFA are currently available on the web site of European Central Bank as a part of integrated Euro Area Accounts (EAA). EAA represent connected non-financial and financial accounts, i.e. interconnection of data on production process, its distribution and consequent consumption with the use of savings (as a non-consumed part) in financial flows of funds.

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Quarterly Financial Accounts – Whole Economy

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