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Climate and sustainability risks and opportunities

The new prosperity frontier

Event type

Special one-day in-person event focused on climate and sustainability-related risks with high-level speakers


07 February 2023




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388.7 kB





Organizing committee

Ján Klacso, Reiner Martin, Roman Vasiľ, Linda Zeilina

In partnership with ISFC
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Welcome and opening speech;
Panel #1: Future of banking – managing risk in times of uncertainty and inflation
Panel #2: The new risk landscape: the future of Slovak industry and business
Panel #3: Financing the transition to low carbon growth: what role can the banking sector and public finance play?

Panel #4: Buildings and energy efficiency – the next frontier

Panel #5: Secure, diversified, and clean energy supply. How to get there?

Climate and sustainability risks and opportunities

The National Bank of Slovakia is hosting a special one-day event focused on climate and sustainability-related risks.

At a time when Europe is tackling multiple short to medium-term challenges including rising inflation and energy costs, it is imperative that we don’t lose sight of the fundamental long-term value drivers in European economies. Responding to the current energy crisis will require a mixture of extraordinary immediate policy measures, some of which will not be climate-friendly. As a consequence, climate-related risks are only set to grow.

With changing consumer and citizen preferences, growing awareness of the impact of climate change, and the wider EU push for decarbonisation under the EU Green Deal, European businesses and financial institutions must assess how these emerging risks are likely to impact their business models. Meanwhile, changes in regulatory and non-financial reporting standards and practices have increased the need to improve data collection and analysis.

The event will gather decision-makers from key sectors in Slovakia to explore the rapidly changing climate risk landscape, and to discuss how best to address the main challenges and ensure economic prosperity and financial stability.

The aim of the conference is to inspire, educate, and trigger thought-provoking discussions about how best to tackle climate risk in practice, and what it means for the competitiveness of the Slovak economy and financial sector.  Event sessions will range from interactive discussion panels to CEO and expert roundtables on specific topics, combined with a range of networking opportunities and informal conversations.