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Sustainability in practice: the road to Net Zero

Event type

one-day special event


12 March 2024


Národná banka Slovenska
Imricha Karvaša 1
813 25 Bratislava





In partnership with ISFC and British Embassy
Logo of The International Sustainable Finance Centre (ISFC)
O národnej banke, Sustainability in practice: the road to Net Zero

The one-day special event aims to bring some of the sustainable finance thought leadership and practitioners to Bratislava, enabling local actors to discuss challenges they face, hear about the latest best practices, share ideas and know how, and strengthen the network of individuals working on sustainability in practice or those who have a budding interest in it. The focus of the first event in this series will be the road to Net Zero, how to transition the economy and business to a net zero model by 2050.

Afternoon & evening programme

Location: congress centre, ground floor, NBS

15:30 – 16:00 Registrations
16:00 – 16:10 Welcome remarks
16:10 – 16:25 Keynote speech or presentation: Sustainable finance in practice
16:25 – 16:50 On stage interview: CSRD and the implementation of the EU Sustainable Finance Agenda – the key lessons & what to expect in 2024.
16:50 – 17:30 Transition to net zero – what approaches, changes and needs for financing and implementing a successful transition?
17:40 – 17:45 Closing remarks
17:45 – 20:00 Evening reception


Deadline for registration is 5.3.2024.

For capacity reasons not all registrations might be accepted.